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Project Description

Fork of the Anthem.NET project (, a "a free, cross-browser AJAX toolkit for the ASP.NET development environment."

Essentially I've been aware that the Anthem.NET project over on Sourceforge has been stalled for several years now and I would like to do my best (with help from anyone willing) to bring this brilliant project back to life and up to date to modern .NET / Javascript standards.

Existing goals of the Anthem.NET project:
  • To be as simple a drop in replacement for standard web forms ASP.NET as possible, to allow developers to quickly convert an application to AJAX.
  • To be as lightweight as possible. I'm frustrated by ASP.NET AJAX and other commercial frameworks that require a huge javascript download and masses of libraries to work.
  • Simple to install into a project
  • Transparent to use, discoverable API
  • Be extremely cross-platform compatible.

New goals of Anthem-nxt:
  • To refactor the code so that compatibility for .NET 1.1 is dropped. I believe it is time for this to happen and it makes the codebase much more complicated than it need be.
  • Overhaul of the exception handling code so that the standard application events in ASP.NET are used.
  • Integrate bugfixes that both myself and the community have come up with since the last maintainence release.
  • To make the javascript library even more crossplatform, smaller, and easier to maintain by building into a jQuery plugin and using its AJAX capabilities.
  • Improve documentation and introduce unit testing.

How to join

Generally, the easiest way to help out:
  • Download the latest source code.
  • Make local changes.
  • Send us a copy of the file(s) and change(s) made, along with an explanation (i.e. a "patch").
  • We'll review the changes and integrate them with CodePlex.

Once we're comfortable working together and we get to see the type and quality of the work you do, we'll make you a developer so you can check-in changes to CodePlex directly.

Any input is very much welcome.

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